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Innovation & Tradition

Organic Made in Italy

Putipiù is the new Dodaco brand of organic Made in Italy food products. The innovative brand is mainly characterised by packaging in stand-up pouches with a straw. Among the first lines marketed it provides ready sauces, smoothies and superfoods. Putipiù has its roots in tradition, without giving up innovation. Its products incorporate the tastiest recipes of Italian cuisine and present them in a contemporary style, always focusing on practicality and the search for new flavours and ingredients capable of contributing to taste, but also of attributing additional functionality to the consumption of the products. Thanks to the careful selection of raw materials, the organic certification on all the ingredients and the scrupulous study of the recipes, Putipiù preparations positively affect the construction of a balanced diet, thus contributing to the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and always in line with consumer needs.

Quality & Wellness

Italian excellences turned into innovative products

The innovative packaging in spout pouches allows the creation of products without added preservatives, acidifiers, sugars and other additives. Putipiù is synonymous with quality, well-being and practicality. It uses the excellence of agri-food products of the Made in Italy range to transform them into healthy, easy to use and really tasty products, ready to be savoured at various times of the day and wherever one wants.

The characteristics of Putipiù

Made in Italy

organic Made in Italy food products


The tastiest recipes of Italian cuisine revisited in a modern way.


In search of new flavors capable of attributing further functionality to the consumption of products.


Putipiù preparations have a positive effect on building a balanced diet.


The innovative pouch packaging with spout allows you to create products without the addition of preservatives and other additives.


Putipiù is synonymous with quality, well-being and practicality.

Putipiù's quality

The quality of our products is fundamental to us, we are committed to guaranteeing highly certified standards.

Certificazione UNI en ISO 9001:2015
Certificazione Biologica EU - ICEA
Certificazione JAS - Japan Agricultural Standards
Certificazione BRC Food certificated - British Retail Consortium
Certificazione IFS Food - International Featured Standards
Kosher Certification
Halal Quality Control